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Reading Vision / Near Vision Correction


Raindrop© Corneal Inlay

Presbyopia is common eye condition that affects many people over the age of 45 from seeing clearly at close distances

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When the body ages, many things may not function the way that they used to. Your eyes are not an exception to this. At one point or another, many people begin to suffer from presbyopia. Presbyopia occurs when near vision begins to become blurry, and it becomes difficult to see every day things like restaurant menus, sewing projects, or even text messages on your smart phone. Presbyopia is easy to combat with glasses and contacts, but it can be frustrating to always switch back and forth from your reading glasses. For those who are tired of struggling with presbyopia, there’s Raindrop©.

What is Raindrop®?

The Raindrop© corneal inlay is a revolutionary new procedure that is performed at Schein Ernst Mishra Eye. The Raindrop© inlay is made up of 80% water, making it the most natural inlay that’s available on the market. This translates to a quick, 10-minute office visit to insert the Raindrop into the eye.

To learn more about Raindrop© please call 717-233-3937 to schedule a consultation!

About the Procedure

The Raindrop© inlay is placed in the inner layers of the cornea after a flap is created on the cornea.  Raindrop© is then only placed in the non-dominant eye, allowing the eyes to work together to improve vision. The procedure is painless and is followed by an equally fast recovery time. Recovery takes about 24-48 hours, but most patients who receive Raindrop© report that their vision begins to improve almost immediately.

After receiving Raindrop©, most patients are finally free of the burden of having to wear reading glasses to see the world in focus around them. Instead, near vision and general vision are improved, giving patients a higher quality of life.

The Raindrop© corneal inlay is best for people between the ages of 40 and 65 and who are already experiencing the struggles of presbyopia and want their near vision back. Raindrop© is a safe way to experience the benefits of clearer vision.

To learn more about Raindrop© please call 717-233-3937 to schedule a consultation!


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