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I had Lasik about a month and a half ago at Schein Ernst.  My experience was as positive as it could have possibly been.  I was quite nervous and asked alot of questions but, they answered them all.  They made sure I understood the side effects of Lasik and the fact that I would likely need reading glasses after the fact.  (Just for close up work and reading).  I was fine with that.  The day of the surgery was smooth and everything went exactly as they told me it would.  THERE WERE NO SURPRISES.  I definitely had a sense that this surgery was very routine for them.  It was out of step with my sense of a life altering event.  But, in the end... do I want my surgeon excited to be carrying out a rare and unique procedure on my eyes?  Not really....  So, even that was comforting. In the month and a half since then, I've had only side effects that they told me I would have - mainly "underwater eyes" in the beginning.  That sensation is long gone.  I have some ongoing dry eye - which is definitely getting better.  And I still have halos at night.  But, that's getting better too. The end result...  My vision now tests at 20/15!!!!!!   For a guy that was terribly near sighted (worse than 20/400) and had glasses since second grade the results are nothing short of a miracle. Can't say enough good about this place.  I'd recommend it to anyone.


Friendly staff on appointment side. Also excellent staff and tremendously helpful when getting glass and or contacts. Hours are particular for the sales side usually close a half hour prior to the eye doctor office. They have great communication and always return voicemails left or call when glasses or contacta have arrived. I have gone here for many years and am highly satisfied with them everytime I go!


My 4 yr old daughter saw Dr Klombers yesterday. She is a complicated kiddo with all kinds of vision and seizure issues. Dr Klombers is WONDERFUL, very knowledgeable and very reassuring! I am so glad we found him!!


I had the new Raindrop procedure less than a month ago and it's already the best thing I ever did. I depended on my reading glasses for everything and now I can read my phone, my computer, and my books without looking for my readers! Dr Ernst and his staff were awesome through my entire experience. Dr Ernst explained everything from beginning to end and the procedure was quick and painless. I would highly recommend them to everyone and I would do it again in heartbeat. Cindy Lambert


Staff at Harrisburg Location is phenomenal. From the initial free appointment, lengthy doctor appointment to discuss options, surgery, and follow up. All staff have been fantastic. They answered my many questions (there were tons and also follow up phone call questions), surgery was super easy as they prepared you the entire way. I am not yet one week out from surgery but results are better than I could have imagined. I will recommend them to anyone and everyone thinking about eye care, surgery, etc. Wednesday I will go to the Lemonyne office and I am sure that the staff there will just as great as the Harrisburg location.

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